Instructional Swim

All of our campers will have Instructional swim daily in the morning, except for FREE Choice Wednesdays.

All campers must have a swim test their first day of camp to assess their comfort level in the water as well as their safety. No camper will be allowed in the deep water until they pass a deep water test.

Each camper is placed in a swim group based on their comfort level in the water as well as their skills. Once placed in their group they will receive direct instruction from one of our Certified Lifeguards on specific skills needed to move up to the next group.

You will be provided with a bi-weekly swim progress report highlighting your child's progress!

Safety is our #1 priority and our focus in making sure that every camper is safe in the water and we provide instruction to teach skills that they can use to stay a float in water in case of an emergency.

Swim Groups

Beginner Swimmers

Guppy Skills

  • Physical and mental orientation to water (water comfort)
  • Blowing bubbles through nose and mouth with face in water
  • Holding breath and submerging entire body
  • Opening eyes underwater and retrieving submerged objects
  • Flutter kick (side of pool & kickboard)
  • Floating (front) (with assistance)
  • Back float 5 seconds (with assistance)

Minnow Skills

  • Front glide with/without assistance (width of pool)
  • Survival float 10-15 seconds
  • Survival stroke - width of pool
  • Front glide with flutter kick
  • Back float without assistance - 15 seconds
  • Beginner front crawl - width of pool
  • Jumping into pool from side

Goldfish Skills

  • Back float 30 seconds
  • Changing direction
  • Front glide with flutter kick
  • Improve time/distance Survival float/stroke
  • Beginner front crawl - width of pool
  • Jumping into pool, re-emerging without assistance
  • Turning over (front-back, back-front)
  • Intro to treading water

Intermediate Swimmers

Catfish Skills

  • Intro to Elementary backstroke - width of pool
  • Rhythmic breathing/exhaling underwater
  • Front Crawl with rhythmic breathing - width of pool
  • Survival float/stroke - 1 minute
  • Dive into pool (from side) and swim underwater/re-emerge
  • Treading water - 30 seconds
  • Breaststroke - width of pool

Stingray Skills

  • Front crawl (length of pool)
  • Elementary Backstroke (length of pool)
  • Back crawl (width of pool)
  • Breaststroke (length of pool)
  • Survival float/stroke - 1 minute
  • Side stroke (width of pool)
  • Treading water (1 minute)

Dolphin Skills

  • Back crawl (length of pool)
  • Breaststroke (review/improve)
  • Butterfly stroke
  • Treading water (2 minutes)
  • Review Survival float/stroke
  • Review/improve Front crawl
  • Review/improve Elementary backstroke

Advanced Swimmers

Shark Skills

  • Review/improve Front crawl
  • Review/improve Back crawl
  • Review/improve Breaststroke
  • Review/improve Sidestroke
  • Review/improve Butterfly stroke
  • Diving positions (straight, feet first, pike, tuck)
  • Long shallow dive
  • Review/improve Survival float/stroke
  • Underwater swim (½ length of the pool)

Whale Skills

  • Review/improve all strokes, floats and dives
  • Learn and perform water rescues
  • Learn/perform Rescue breathing
  • Basic introduction to CPR and AED (not certification)
  • Survival float/stroke fully clothed
  • Advanced swimming strokes