Honeydew & Watermelon Leagues

Honeydew League

Honeydew LeagueThe Honey Dew League is for our 7 and 8 year old boys and girls. They have been divided equally into teams. The teams are competing in hockey, soccer, newcombe, and softball. There will be a mid-season track meet (Apache Relays) in which the results will contribute directly to league standings.

A playoff format will be followed. All teams participate in the playoffs. Each team is managed by a counselor and team names are chosen by the team members. Trophies will be awarded at the end of the summer to the "Champs." Awards will also be given out to league members for Sportsmanship, Achievement, and Leadership.

Watermelon League

Watermelon LeagueOur very popular league for 9 to 14 year old boys and girls is called the "Watermelon League." The inclusion of basketball has proven a big hit with our league members. Along with basketball, we also play soccer, hockey, softball, and newcombe. The track meet (Apache Relays) contributes to league standings much like in our "Honey Dew League." Captains are chosen by the Athletic Director. Playoffs include all teams. Trophies and awards are given to the appropriate campers at the end of summer.


ClinicsOur two leagues are an excellent reinforcement for the skills that our Athletic Staff are tirelessly working on during the week with all of our campers.

With our pre-league age group (3-6) we are emphasizing general ball skills with particular attention directed toward balance and coordination. Above all, we stress a fun approach to everything we do with this group! The enjoyment of participation is more important at this age than the acquisition of any one particular skill. Achieving both is a bonus!

With our 7 and over age group we continue to emphasize individual skills, BUT we now incorporate these skills into the concepts of the sports in which they are used. A great emphasis is placed on team strategies and the different rules for each of the sports. At all times, the importance of leadership skills, cooperation and sportsmanship are stressed as the common thread that runs through all athletic endeavors as well as everyday life.