COVID-19 Protocols for 2021

COVID-19 Protocols for 2021

Ensuring a Safe & Fun Summer

Since we had great results from our Protocols & Procedures from last summer, we will continue to use the same protocols and procedures. Our Camp Nurse, Head Counselor, Head of Facility Brian Mackrides and Camp Director Michael Mackrides will continue to monitor the proper protocols and procedures for camp based on the guidelines from the CDC, the State Health Department and Chester County Health Department. We feel that with the learning experience from last summer we will continue to make your child’s camp experience a great one and make sure to create fabulous camp memories. Here are the basic Protocols and Procedures that will be administered this summer. Change seems to be ongoing so we will continue to monitor the guidelines as they are posted and announce the appropriate adjustments.

  1. Monitoring Drop Off and Pick up
    All Staff and Campers will complete a pre-camp check list recommended by the Chester County Health Department. We will provide a simple form to parents and staff to fill out for us to keep on file.
  2. Masks
    As per the State Health Department; "...all Camp Staff will be required to wear masks, while children are not required to wear masks." We are recommending that campers wear masks during transportation and possibly for other events (we will have extra masks on site).
  3. Bunk Size
    We will be limiting bunk sizes to 10 on average but no more than 12 campers.
  4. Activities
    New activities were developed that will keep bunks from mixing.
  5. Lunches
    There will be multiple lunches per day that will allow for proper distancing. We will also move more lunches outdoors.
  6. Hand Washing
    There will be frequent hand washing before and after meals and activities.
  7. Sanitizing
    Our staff will be sanitizing cars, buses, play equipment, tables, chairs and other surfaces as needed.
  8. Swimming
    Both instructional and free swims will be scheduled in smaller groups.
  9. Horseback Riding
    We have reviewed and approved of Gail O'Neill's protocols and procedures for horseback riding. There procedures from last summer were successful. They sanitize all equipment before and after every use and require riders to wear a mask. Riders are not allowed in the barn or tack room.
  10. Visits
    All Campers and Staff will remain on campus, during camp hours, throughout the summer. (Horseback Riding will be the exception). We are limiting camp visits to Parents or guardians for pick up & drop off and Health Officials only.

Thank you for your patience and for entrusting your children to us this summer. We promise to dedicate all our focus and energy to keeping our campers safe and to sending them home happy.

Please download a copy of the Indian Springs Day Camp protocols and waiver statement required for this summer.

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